salt & alcohol free

alternative to gel

made with aloe vera

perfect for massage

EcoLotion™ Transmission & Massage Lotion with Aloe Vera

EcoLotion™ Transmission & Massage Lotion is a great alternative to ultrasound gels!

EcoLotion™ is an excellent conductive medium for use in therapeutic ultrasound as well as other external procedures, such as Shockwave Therapy, when a lotion is preferred to a gel. Unlike gels, EcoLotion™ can simply be rubbed into the patient’s skin after treatment. Technicians appreciate the reduced clean-up time and minimize patient discomfort while patients enjoy the rich texture and pleasant smell.

A perfect medium for massage therapy, the rich, silky feeling allows for superb drag on the tissue, leaving the skin feeling soft & smooth. The light, calming scent is both pleasing to the patient and technician.