paraben free

propylene glycol free


multiple viscosities

prop 65 compliant

 water soluble

EcoGel™ 100

EcoGel™ 100 Imaging Ultrasound Gel is green in colour and is a low viscosity gel (45,000-65,000 cps) formulated primarily for use in diagnostic imaging and other external procedures requiring a thinner medium.

While EcoGel™ 100 Imaging Ultrasound Gel shares similar conductive properties as some of our thicker gels, this less viscous gel assists in producing a clearer image by spreading thinner and minimizing trapped air bubbles. Perfect for technicians who prefer a thinner gel.



EcoGel™ 200

EcoGel™ 200 Multi-Purpose Ultrasound Gel is our most popular brand of ultrasound gel. It comes in Blue or Clear and is a medium viscosity gel (80,000–100,000 cps) designed for use in therapeutic ultrasound, diagnostic imaging and other external procedures requiring a viscous yet easy-to-use conductive medium.

Practitioners appreciate the versatility of EcoGel™ 200 as well as the many convenient packaging features designed to increase productivity, minimize patient discomfort and decrease product waste. This gel is also available in High Viscosity (HV) Blue and Clear which can be used in Shockwave Therapy and Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) treatment.


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EcoGel™ 300

EcoGel™ 300 TENS Gel is a Clear, sticky, high viscosity conductive gel (100,000–120,000 cps) designed primarily for TENS treatment and other external procedures requiring a thicker medium. EcoGel™ 300 TENS Gel can also be used in therapeutic ultrasound as it shares the same conductive properties as our less viscous gels. Due to the thickness of EcoGel™ 300 TENS Gel, it is an ideal medium for prolonged external treatment such as ECG and Shockwave Therapy.