Environmental Sustainability

Our impact on the environment matters to us. Since 1992, our mission continues to be to protect our planet while manufacturing the highest quality topicals. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by partnering with suppliers that share the same values. 

We are fully committed to investing our time, resources, and capital to continuously improve our sustainable performance.


Enjoy the best of design and functions combined together

Cross Contamination

Our 250ml bottle caps use a patented valve that allows not only for controlled flow of product, but also only permits the outward direction of gel. This means gel or lotion that has been exposed to the air or patient cannot re-enter the bottle, thus reducing cross-contamination.

Our 20g packets are designed for ease of use, and infection prevention and control. The spout reduces mess and reduces product waste which is economical and better for the environment. Simply tear, squeeze and discard!

Wrist Strain

The most common complaint from ultrasound technicians are wrist pain and carpal tunnel. These negative health effects can be excruciating and permanent. Our 250ml bottles are one of the softest in the industry! Made with LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) plastic, it is smooth and easy to squeeze, reducing wrist injury.

Various Sizes
For Everyone’s Needs

Whether it’s our ultrasound gels & lotions or our first aid options, each product come in a wide range of sizes. From bulk packaging to on-the-go sizes!

Safety First:
Tamper Evident Seal

Tamper Evident Seals are visual indicators that your product is safe to use and has not been contaminated. These seals are applied immediately after filling to eliminate product evaporation before opening or spillage during transportation. These seals are an integral part of our Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol products.