FAQ – Prevent+

What is the difference between Technical grade and USP grade alcohol?

Many companies have been using technical grade Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol. This grade of alcohol is cheaper for manufacturers but has higher levels of contaminants that can cause irritation, excessive dryness, and allergic reactions. Make sure to only purchase hand sanitizers made with USP pharmaceutical grade alcohol.
All Eco-Med hand sanitizer products are made using the highest grade of USP Isopropyl Alcohol. This is the ONLY grade acceptable for use on skin and in medical facilities.

How do I know if my hand sanitizer is safe?

Hand sanitizers in Canada and the US are required to have an NPN number or an NDC number respectively on their label. Both numbers prove that the product complies with the regulations where it is being sold and it follows the safety requirements.

Be cautious of hand sanitizers that smell of tequila or vodka as it most likely contains the lower grade (technical grade) of alcohol. Other companies may also add fragrance to mask this odor.

How do I use Hand Sanitizer effectively?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends covering all surfaces of your hands with the product and rub them together until dry. Rubbing your hands increases the ability to destroy germs so it is important to do so vigorously until it is completely dry.

Only use if your hands are not visibly dirty.

Why we use Vitamin E & Aloe Vera?

Vitamin E has significant antioxidant properties to help defend your skin from pollution and other environmental stressors. Aloe Vera has long been known for its healing, moisturizing and softening ability.

Unlike other hand sanitizers, ours includes BOTH Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera to provide superior moisturizing effects. This better protects your skin from micro-tears, caused by dry skin, which can leave you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Why we do not use fragrance?

Fragrances found in many other hand sanitizers cause irritation, sensitization, and allergies. Research has found it may even cause toxic hormonal effects in the long-term.

The mild alcohol scent from our hand sanitizer dissipates within 30-40 seconds of applying, which is why we chose to make all our hand sanitizer’s fragrance-free. This way our product is kinder to the skin and you can be confident knowing no toxic or harmful ingredients were added.

If I wear gloves, do I need to use Hand Sanitizer?

Yes. Gloves provide a barrier between your skin and surfaces but can often have micro-tears invisible to the naked eye. The number of microtears increase the longer you wear the gloves which allows microorganisms to come in contact with your skin. Using hand sanitizer before and after removing gloves, will destroy most bacteria and viruses and keep you safe.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide used for?

Prevent+ Hydrogen Peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts and scrapes. Effective in destroying (harmful) bacteria to provide antiseptic cleansing. Apply a small amount to wound one to three times daily.

How does Hydrogen Peroxide work?

Hydrogen Peroxide has been used as an antiseptic since the 1920s because it kills bacteria cells by destroying their cell walls.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a compound made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It begins to break apart as soon as it contacts blood, creating the bubbles. This is because blood and most living cells contain the enzyme catalase, which attacks hydrogen peroxide and converts it into water and oxygen.

Why is the Hydrogen Peroxide bottle brown?

Our Prevent+ Hydrogen Peroxide is stored in a brown bottle to avoid exposure to heat, light, humidity, and alkali metal ions. Light reacts with peroxide by accelerating the rate of its decomposition which would reduce its effectiveness as an antiseptic.

How can I test if my Hydrogen Peroxide is still good?

You can check to see if your Prevent+ Hydrogen Peroxide is still good by pouring a small amount down the sink and looking to see if it bubbles or fizzes. If this reaction does not occur, it is likely no longer good.

Why is Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol 70% and not 50% or 99%?

Isopropyl alcohol, particularly in solutions between 60% and 90% alcohol with 10 – 40% purified water, is rapidly antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Once alcohol concentrations drop below 50%, it is no longer an effective antiseptic according to the CDC. Solutions higher than 91% Isopropyl Alcohol do kill bacteria, but sometimes require longer contact times for disinfection, and can enable spores to lie in a dormant state without being killed.

Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol is ideally formulated at 70% for the most beneficial antiseptic properties without the dryness that can accompany higher concentrations.

What is the difference between the alcohol we drink and Rubbing Alcohol?

The kinds of liquors that you drink are not concentrated enough to actually disinfect surfaces and effectively remove germs and bacteria. Most commercial forms of vodka, for example, contain alcohol concentrations that hover around 40%. The minimum concentration for an effective antiseptic is 60%.
Our Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol is 70% alcohol.

Can I use Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol as a hand sanitizer?

Yes! Our Prevent+ Rubbing Alcohol is available in a spray bottle for this purpose. Spray your hands thoroughly and rub for 30 seconds until dry.

Is it safe to use large amounts of Rubbing Alcohol?

Inhaling large quantities of rubbing alcohol can lead to additional health problems, such as: alcohol poisoning. cardiac problems. neurological problems. Drinking rubbing alcohol can cause poisoning and serious illness. Prolonged exposure to rubbing alcohol (like bathing in it) can cause the skin to absorb the alcohol, which can lead to toxicity in both children and adults.

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