About Us

Who we are

Eco-Med Pharmaceutical Inc. is a proud Canadian Pharmaceutical company built on delivering consistent, superior ultrasound gels, lotions and topicals, focused on enhancing the patient experience. We are passionate and dedicated; known for our products, finding innovative solutions for cost savings and environmental sustainability without compromising quality. With our high Regulatory standards, knowledgeable team and wide-variety of products, our focus is to enhance your customer service experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

Understanding the unique differences among people, encourages participation, fosters innovation and leads to interpersonal growth. We at Eco-Med Pharmaceutical Inc., believe in building a diverse team where all individuals are treated fairly, respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to our organization’s success.

86% of our team represent various cultures and backgrounds. Each individual brings with them a diverse set of perspectives, work and life experiences, as well as religious and cultural differences. This allows us to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity within each individual.

customer service

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service team! Touted as one of the best in the industry, our customer service representatives are extremely knowledgeable and happy to respond to your questions in a timely manner.


To serve you better, we only manufacture your products when you place an order. That means your product is fresh and you can take advantage of the full shelf life!


We take the ‘Eco’ in Eco-Med Pharmaceutical Inc. very seriously. We use eco-friendly packaging and ingredients wherever possible, and are committed to continually improving our supply chain efficiencies.

private label experts

We have decades of experience in Private Labelling for customers around the world! We assist you every step of the process, working closely to ensure the launch of your new product and all subsequent orders are placed with ease!


Our extensive regulatory and quality methodology ensures every product you receive is of the highest quality!


A proud Canadian manufacturer since 1992, we have extensive knowledge on the full product life cycle of Medical Devices, Over-The-Counter drugs, Cosmetics and Natural Health Products. From research and development to post-market surveillance, we are ready to assist you!